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The Pal’s x Ryan Pownall

This week’s episode features the one and only Ryan Pownall. He started his career in the nightclub and festival space. He hosted Spring Break Cancun before his 18th birthday, and he hosted for ten years in a row. He opened his first nightclub called PLURR when he was only 21, and he’s owned five different clubs in the last four years. He’s thrown the World’s Largest Beer Pong Tournament, which has been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. From these humble beginnings, Pownall has branched out and brought his success to another level. He co-founded an organization just this year called Social Giveaways, which helped influencers and companies expand their presence online. He’s since sold that company so he can focus on Social Press Agencies. They do work in social growth, consulting, management, and verification. To keep up to date with Ryan, you can follow him on Instagram @ryanpownall.

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