Kingsville Brewery

Our Production Facility

Kingsville Brewery’s production facility is located on the shores of Lake Erie overlooking a working fishing harbour and the ferry to Pelee Island. In 2018 we began extensive renovations inside the 22,000 sq ft building with plans to have production online by summer 2021. Our 35 hL (30 bbl) 4 vessel Criveller brewhouse was built in Niagara Falls, ON, and shipped to us during the summer of 2019. The production equipment includes a mill to prepare the grains for conversion within the first vessel, the Mash Tun, which upon completion is pumped over to the second vessel, the Lauter Tun, where the liquid is recirculated over the grain bed. This process not only rinses the sugars from the grain, but it also allows the grain bed to function as a natural filter prior to pumping the liquid over to the third vessel, the Boil Kettle. This sugar-rich liquid, now called wort (‘wert’), is boiled for sterilization, to stop conversion, and most importantly, to introduce hops as well as any flavour additions if desired. Depending on the recipe design, the boil may vary from 60 to 90 minutes after which the liquid is pumped over to the fourth vessel, the Whirlpool, to separate the hops and anything else in suspension prior to crash cooling the liquid as it moves to one of our 70 hL (60 bbl) fermenters. During fermentation the pitched yeast breaks down the sugars, creating CO2 and alcohol as by-products. Once fermentation is complete the liquid, now beer is pumped to one of our 70 hL (60 bbl) brite tanks for conditioning and carbonation. The finished beer is now ready for kegs or cans via our state-of-the-art packaging system commissioning later this summer. 

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