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Cousins from a small town in Ontario, Mark Muzzin and Marty Turco are as Canadian as they come. While growing up, these cousins kept busy by playing hockey on a rink or a frozen pond with the dream to one day play in the NHL. That dream was a reality for Marty after setting an NCAA Hockey record of 127 wins as a goaltender; an unbeatable accomplishment. He continued with a successful eleven-year career in the NHL, celebrating each win with Mark by sharing a pint of beer...it became tradition. After many laughs, long nights, and one too many beers, the two decided to transform their passion into a business, thus creating Kingsville Brewing Co. Just two Canadian boys from Kingsville and Sault Ste. Marie who believed that small town dreams can materialize into a reality.


We're passionate about connecting people to each other and to our Canadian roots. We believe the best experiences in life happen over a beer and hope to inspire you to live yours to the fullest! Find us in U.S. and Canada


The deep shades of blue and herringbone represent the way the land and lakes meet on the borders of Essex County to sustain life. The avian silhouette on each can represent the local predatory birds of the region including Osprey, Peregrine Falcons, Cooper’s Hawks, and Sharp Shinned Hawks.


The tagline, “Pour ceux qui errent” means “For those who wander”. This symbolizes the adventurous spirit the Woodrunners possessed, and is reflected through all those adventurers who enjoy our beer. Those who live their lives intentionally.


Finally, 127. This number emulates our commitment to excellence through founder Marty Turco’s record number of NCAA wins as a member of the Michigan Wolverines Hockey Team from 1994-98.

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