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Our beer is brewed for the wild, for the untamed traveler, and for places unseen. Our flavours are inspired by memories of hockey on a mirrored frozen lake, fishing at a secret spot only we knew of, and campfire dinners under a bed of stars. While each beer is unique, they all should be paired with crisp open air and good company.

Kingsville Brewing Co.


4% Alc. / Vol.

Clear golden appearance, with eggshell coloured foam made up of tight bubbles. Aromas of butterscotch, cereal, biscuit, and white cracker invite you in for a sip. First sip is light with notes of whole grain, bread, and honey. Second sip brings out the sweeter notes of honey and fresh baked bread. The beer has a crisp clean finish that empties you mouth quickly leaving you ready for your next sip.  

Kingsville Brewing Co.


5% Alc. / Vol.

Cloudy golden wheat beer with bright white foam that brings up the aromas of ripe banana, bubble gum, a hint of clove, and a slight bit of honey, all these aromas inviting you in for a taste. The first sip is bready with notes of biscuit. The second sip brings out notes of banana and bubble gum. The overall beer has a mild impact, with bright tingly carbonation at first that dissipates quickly leaving a coating mouthfeel. It has a quick finish leaving a lingering bread and banana taste making your want to go back for more.

Kingsville Brewing Co.


5% Alc. / Vol.
20 IBU

Clear amber coloured lager with fine, creamy ivory foam that gently laces the glass. Freshly poured into a glass there are strong aromas of bread, biscuit, and toast. Once given a chance to breathe the leather and honey aromas come through as well as aromas of dry leaves on a crisp autumn day. The first sip brings forth nuances of lemongrass and roasted malt. The second sip brings out the sweeter notes of honey and molasses. The overall impact is intense, with an astringent mouthfeel. The finish is dry with lingering bready notes leaving you ready for the next sip.

Kingsville Brewing Co.


6.5% Alc. / Vol.
41 IBU

The beige foam made up of mixed bubble sizes brings your attention to the beer which is clear and dark amber colour. Freshly poured into a glass, notes of blueberry shine. Once given a chance to breathe citrus notes such as grapefruit come through as well as notes of grass and hay. First sip is slightly bitter with notes of pine. Second sip is less bitter and notes of toffee, pine, hay, and a slight spicy note of pepper starts to dance across your tongue. The beer leaves a spicy finish with a lingering dryness making you want to take another sip.

Kingsville Brewing Co.

Barrel Aged Stout

6.7% Alc. / Vol.
40 IBU

Coffee coloured foam with mixed bubbles draw your attention to the midnight black colour of the beer. Aromas of fig, vanilla, and a hint of coffee invite you in for a sip. First sip is full of notes of dark chocolate roasted coffee. Second sip brings out more flavours of dark chocolate and cocoa and a hint of vanilla. With a mild impact and light carbonation the beer leaves a dry finish and slight roasted coffee aftertaste.

Our Beer



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