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Introducing Our Pals

We want to welcome The Pal’s Podcast to the family!

This weeks episode features former CBC Dragon, Michael Wekerle. If you watched him on Dragon’s Den you know how funny, intelligent and successful he is. Listen to this episode to learn more about how Wekerle got to where is today and spoiler alert… you’re going to be laughing the whole time.

For those who are new to the podcast world, they have been a growing phenomenon over the past decade. There are countless podcasts currently available to the everyday consumer and the number keeps growing. Listening to podcasts is a part of an everyday routine for a lot of people whether it be while cooking, working out, driving or cleaning. The content can consist of news, sports, music, or thrillers, and is hosted by a variety of live or prerecorded video formats, such as interviews, conversations, fiction and non-fiction storytelling.

That being said, we are excited to be partnering with Toronto’s fastest growing podcast, The Pals;

Hosted by George Boutsalis and Ricky Liorti, who met during their freshman year of university, spent their 20’s travelling the world, chasing adventure, and pushing each other to face new challenges, all while laying the foundation for their careers. Now, as they enter their 30’s, The Pal’s want to share the experiences they’ve had, both good and bad, and how their pursuits shaped them into the people they are today.  Tune in weekly as they discuss learning experiences, travel, entrepreneurial pursuits, health and fitness, and what it takes to truly live your best life.

For over a year, The Pal’s have been dominating the podcast space, holding many valuable conversations with some of Canada’s most remarkable individuals. Most recently, George and Ricky had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Toronto FC Midfielder Liam Frisier, entrepreneur Carlin Domi, 2 x Paralympian Tyler McGregor and Canada’s biggest up and coming pop star, Johnny Orlando. A phenomenal start for this duo. 

As a company we are honoured to share in the experience as being their choice of beer while they stand above the rest by asking exclusive questions and creating courageous, funny and enlightening conversations with all their guests. If you have not had a chance to listen to their show, take the leap and find The Pal’s Podcast on Spotify, Apple or even a visual version on Youtube and keep up to date with the latest from the Pal’s by following their Instagram @thepalspodcast. 



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