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CAST Launch

This week’s episode features the Pal’s good friend and business partner Dave Banwat. The trio founded a new social networking app called CAST, which recently launched on the App Store and Google Play Store on April 12th, 2021.

According to, The Pal’s state they; “created Cast to provide a platform for people to share their unique and objective opinions. Nowadays, it seems people are hesitant to weigh in on a topic for fear of condemnation for their point of view. As a result, the narrative painted by the media does not always accurately reflect public opinion. This is what we are hoping to help fix.

Allowing users to vote anonymously on a given topic, question, debate, discussion, statement, etc. gives people the ability to share how they truly feel. Users don’t have to worry that their friends, family, or colleague will find out which side of the Cast they fall on. By getting true and authentic user sentiment, we provide the masses with a clear and transparent picture of where various demographic groups fall on a Cast. We want to let you think and decide for yourself.”

– Ricky, George, and Dave

Watch this week’s episode to learn about their exciting development journey and how the launch day went!

You can download the app on the App Store or Google Play Store for free and begin participating in the conversation. To find out more information about Cast – Visit or follow Cast on social media @joincast.

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